SnB on Tuesday was fantastic. Good humour, good company, and lots of needles and wool. Wonderful. Of course, the old lady who stopped dead in her tracks to gawk – and the business men who stood at the elevator and stared – were more of a sideshow amusement than anything else.

I finished my fetching gloves, will post a photo when I’ve finished weaving the ends in and making them look pretty. I still have over half a ball of the DK Tweed left, which I’m really impressed with. That wool has knitted up beautifully. And I may even be able to get another pair off for Mom for Mothers’ Day.

The cheat’s lace* scarf is also coming along well. That hand painted wool was even more successful than originally anticipated, and neither skeining or balling the wool really did it justice. It is going to be one fabulous scarf!!! (and matching voodoo wrist warmers, although the Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap would also look really good with this wool. And a nice pink flower on the side – how very vintage!

The supervisor showed much concern over my lack of getting well-ness, and promptly marched me off the make a doctor’s appointment and gave me two months to write a significant chunk of background to literary mythology for a chapter. Not that difficult since I’m seriously considering resurrecting my mythology chapter from my MA thesis and swapping the Tolkien and Lewis remarks for Blake and Romanticism remarks. But then again, I know more now than I did when I wrote that last mythology chapter. Time to have some fun.

So the research and writing will switch back to a more leisurely measure, and the hunt for the part time work continues. We start looking at open homes tomorrow morning, and the budget nerves are setting in. But, between my Magpie’s luck and my common sense, we may be lucky. *touches wood* One can only hope.

Anyway, a Shopping Sherpa just gave me a little tip off about a nice wool place in Narrabundah. Seeing as my needles arrived without their kiwi wool staff, I have no choice but to restock. What a pity. And this tip off sounds promising. My concentration levels are in the sub-zero levels and plummeting. I think a woolscapade is in order.


*cheat’s lace scarf: using 12mm (15mm) needles co 35(25) stitches using the cable co method. Knit scarf very loosely to desired length using stitch of choice – slip stitch and single rib look very good, as does a simple garter stitch – cast off. Weave in ends and wear. The looseness of the tension and oversized stitches give the scarf a lacy appearance, whilst being very cosy. It can also be pulled width ways to become a shawl, it length ways to become a chunky scarf. Use with busy, fluffy or extra-chunky wool because the pattern allows the wool to speak instead of the stitches. Use approx 3/4 50gm balls of wool. Scarf can be decorated with woven in ribbon, fake flowers, buttons, etc.

A photo of my finished waterlily scarf will follow.

Knitting: cheat’s lace scarf using my waterlily (8ply crepe) wool, finishing the fetching gloves.
Reading: E. P Thompson’s Witness Against the Beast, NY: New York Press, 1993.
Music: What To Do With Daylight, Brooke Fraser.



  1. Looking forward to seeing photos (or objects in person) when you’ve got some stuff to show. Although I think your saw your lovely fetchings at SnB, didn’t i?

    Glad you’ve got an extension. I hope it makes your life a little more bearable!

  2. Yes, the old duck was taken a bit aback, wasnt she!

    Can’t wait to see how your hand dye scarf is coming along, espeically if it looks even better on the needles than in the ball….

  3. I don’t know about you, but it felt a bit like being in performance art ‘side show’ behind that glass wall at the Club, with gawping passers-by!

    Glad you’ve got some more time up your sleeve, hope you make a full recovery very soon.

    Good luck on the housing front, too – Canberra is a shocker :/

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