Blog drought… much like drought drought.

Blog-drought. Blame the long weekend. S’n’B was fantastic fun. I met many wonderful people, and drooled over many beautiful balls of wool. The hiccup surrounding my Wool Shack order has been cleared and I love them all the more for it.

The weekend was surprisingly knit-free (shock! horror!!), but I found the Lincraft store and went to assess its stock. It will suffice. My next project is going to be the aptly named giraffe – although not in a colour as pink as that, so the wool hunt begins. I’d love to use Paton’s Zhivago again – it was a devil to knit with – so slippery, but it wears beautifully, but I’m in the process of checking wool compatibility with the pattern… actually, it may work very well. 1 stich difference in the tension on the same sized needle, so I could work with that… we’ll see.

But Autumn is in the air, and the needles need to be out often. More later, I’m just updating my working bibliography, and then I can start blogging properly. (Also waiting on Blogger to shift my account to the Blogger2… they haven’t. Yet.)


  1. It was lovely to meet you too! Glad your Wool Shack order has come good.

    The Giraffe jumper looks very cosy – but, no, no, not in that pink! Ow, my eyes 0_o

    Dotter has knit quite a few things in Zhivago, and it is very soft and lovely (and not too expensive). If you want to look at Bendigo Woollen Mills’ stuff, you can call them on 03 5442 4600 (no web site yet). They’ll send you a free sample card – their prices are very reasonable, and if it’s your first order you get 10% off!

    And please excuse me if I’m teaching you to suck eggs here… it’s just I’ve only just placed my first order with Bendigo today, so it’s all exciting 🙂

  2. I didn’t know about Bendigo, I shall certain;y investigate their prices! Thankies!!!

  3. I am having no luck with my spelling (and spell-checking) today. *sigh*

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