The miracles of caffeine…

No wool as yet. I am officially pouting. Actually, there’s been no post for us in the last week, and I’m starting to get nervous. I have the names of a few wool places, and I think I’ll wool hunt tomorrow. I made the mistake of asking the house-witch I’m staying with if I could possibly dye my wool outside in the shed and she was highly not amused. My scarf is going to have to wait. There is a really lovely pattern for a jumper for the aids babies in Africa that I’ll knit instead.

The weather is beautiful at the moment, but the uni has switched on his heating system, which I can see heralding a trip to the doctor to stave off the sniffles. Mmmm… not looking forward to that at all. I slept in until midday today, not from laziness, but a stuffy head and even turned down a doppio from Tonic (gasp). I did however, accept a Red Bull, and that has allowed me to function relatively normally today. I love taurine almost as much as I love caffeine. Artificial adrenaline. Just what we all need.

But for now, there is a journal article to finish reading, and Verdi’s Requiem to enjoy. And laksa from the Asian Noodle House to enjoy. Perfect.

Knitting: Nothing. Knitty owns me, and I’m pouting over the lack of Wool Shack packages.
Reading: John Mee’s “Mopping Up Split Religion:The Problem of Enthusiasm”. Romanticism on the Net, 25 (Feb 2002).
Music: Verdi’s Requiem – Sanctus



  1. If you ask nicely you can come use my wash house (sorry, laundry!). I have a metal basin which is pretty much indestructable…

    Bummer about Wool Shack’s lack. Could you go to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch tomorrow night and sit in the corner looking pathetic until someone hands you some knitting?

  2. Oh for the love of wool – it’s food dye! The woman’s a moron. Hope your new beautiful wool arrives soon.

  3. The woman is a moron – you have no idea. (I’m just going to bide my time until she leaves, then I will have joyous fun and use the dishwashing wool-dye method. Because I can.)

    I’m expecting some of my kiwi wool to arrive tomorrow, hopefully it does, and I can go SnB and be happy!


  4. Hi There, Came across your blog and saw that you hadn’t had your yarn yet from The Wool Shack. As the owner, I thought I would try and track down your order for you, so if you are able to contact us with your order details we can find out where it is for you.

    Hope that helps and sorry for the delay. Oh and just in case, parcels normally take about 5 working days from Perth to Eastern states!
    take care
    Emma Gerring

  5. Hey there,

    Loverly to meet you last night. I linked you from my blog, to let every know the coolness you get from being a buffy, literature and knitting fan!

    Ginger_nut aka Meg!

  6. OK – it’s all Meg’s fault – she sent me here. The combination of Laksa, Verdi, wool and Blake are sufficiently intriguing to make me want more. Hope your yarn arrives soon.

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