Wretched anticipation

The weekend was decidedly knitting-less. I’m itching to dye my wool, but I can’t until next Wednesday. (argh!!!) I am assured that my stock of wool and needles is en route from across the ditch, and I’m still waiting on two balls of cashmerino from The Wool Shack – which should be here tomorrow, or I’ll pout.

In other news, I applied for, and got a Pethrick Readership! (rubs hands together in glee) the Cooper collection is mine! All mine!!! (Cue the devilish laugh). Also finding that cutting my teeth on Tolkien’s mythology has made understanding Blake’s that much easier. I wonder if any of the Blakean scholars looked at Tolkien first. Maybe if they had, there wouldn’t be so much confusion. Then again, if they had, I’d be out of a PhD topic. Hmm…

Here is a lovely photo of moi at a library function at Das Kapital taken by the Shopping Sherpa (well done on that fiscal fast, btw!) yes, I look tired, but damn that was a good glass of wine!

Off to a Passover Seder tonight. Should be very entertaining. And I’m sure that there will be cameras. And lots of red wine. Ha!

Knitting: Not. Pouring through Knitty archives instead.
Reading: Harold Bloom’s Blake’s Apocalypse: A Study in Poetic Argument (London, Victor & Gollancz Ltd, 1963.)
Music: Brahms – Piano Concerto in Dm – Maestoso (Freire and Nelson)


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  1. Ah, the comments are up! Woot. 🙂

    Roll on the cashmerino, I say.

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