oooh… shiny!

Went to Das Kapital to rub shoulders with the august members of my profession in the Canberra. It was quite the enjoyable experience. (Even if I did miss the stop on the bus from Civic to Woden, and had to get back on the bus at Woden to get back to this lovely little place.) Quite the adventure! And the wine was fantastic. (I haven’t had white wine in months. Wonderful.)

Then, ended up at Noble Palace for dinner, having started out at Coles to get spinach and basil for canneloni. The logic of that escapade is lost on me. Never mind. I got home to find a care package of 8 ply cream wool, bamboo knitting needles and food colouring (ah-ha! – the exclamation, not the band) from Taphophile (thanks Taph!!!) – and the concept of an emerald green and turquoise scarf with double rib edging and moss stitch has begun to brew in my brain. It will be beautiful. (And fend off insanity until my needles arrive!)

Now, I need to go and hide in a library somewhere and read some more Blake, so I don’t feel guilty about going home early and baking. There are some bananas that need to be turned into cake.

Knitting: Soon to be a green and blue scarf, 8 ply on 5.0mm bamboo (a size up, I know) – double rib edges and moss stitch centre. The wool needs to be dyed. Tonight.
Reading: Jon Mee’s Romanticism, Enthusiasm, and Regulation (OUP, 2003).
Music: Pirate’s of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl OST.