In principio…

*taps screen*
Is this thing on?!

First post, and one of many, methinks. New city, new degree, and many, many balls of wool to get though. Welcome to my blog. “Artificially Mythic”. Named, not for me, but for the poet I’m studying for my PhD, William Blake, whose fantastic and scarily daunting mythology is classed as artificial, but I won’t bore you with the details.

This will be my knitting, pondering, and general about-town blog for what’s the haps in the circles I move in around the lovely city of Canberra. (photos to come when I actually *have* a camera).

Knitting: N/A (a scarf will be necessary soon, methinks. One with at least one cable in it…)
Reading: Jon Mee’s Romanticism, Enthusiasm, and Regulation. (OUP, 2003).
Music: Brooke Fraser’s Albertine, presently C. S. Lewis Song.